Chapel Hills Mall Blueprints

This page contains the original blueprints, tenant store design, and construction instructions distributed to tenants during the construction of the Chapel Hills Mall in Colorado Springs, CO. 

Since I spent my childhood going to this mall, I’ve always been interested in its history (so much so that I researched and wrote the entire mall history section on its Wikipedia page). So, when a set of original blueprints was posted for sale on eBay, I purchased them to share them publicly.

I was told by the seller that he was planning to open a store in the mall but that he could not raise the money to make it work. Despite that, he held on to these plans for years and eventually sold them on eBay to raise money for storm relief from Hurricane Ian.

Below are two files: the first is the tenant store design and construction manual and the second are the blueprints. Note that these are blueprints only for one section of the mall (currently the wing with the movie theater).






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