Almost to the real world

Elche, Spain (from google images)

Today’s been a great day. It started really early this morning as we
had to take a train from Madrid to Malaga. The ride lasted for around
three hours.

When we arrived in Málaga, the mission president, his wife, and some
missionaries from the office were there to meet us. After interviews
with the president in a nearby church building, we went to a lookout
where we could see the better part of Malaga and even over the sea
into Africa.

Then, we went to the mission home where we received our area
assignments and trainers! My new companion is Elder Pesce. He is a
native Spanish speaker from Chile, so I’m sure that it will help
tremendously with my Spanish. Not to mention that he seems like a
tremendous missionary. We will be serving in Elche, which is kind of
in the southeast corner of Spain.

We’re spending the night in the mission home tonight and then taking a
bus out to our area in the morning. I’m still trying to figure out
what to expect in terms of the level of work in that area, but I am so
ready to jump right into what’s going on. Also, I know that our
apartment has air conditioning, two bathrooms (!!!), and we already
have meal appointments set up. So that all will be nice. A downside is
that we won’t be able to drink the water in that area straight out of
the tap, pero esta bien.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll have much more exciting news next week.

Good luck!!

Elder Stark