Leaving Madrid

Jared and Melvin in 2013
RIP Melvin
“Got another haircut lol. Probably looks really bad in this pictures, but whatever.”

It’s crazy that I’m emailing again so quickly, but I guess that I’ll have to get used to doing this on Mondays since that will be preparation day for the remainder of my mission.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be leaving Madrid by train at around 7:30AM and arriving in Málaga or  Fuengirola, or wherever the mission home is approximately four hours later. Where I’m going after that, I don’t know. Who my trainer is, I don’t know. If I’ll be able to email again after I learn this information or if I’ll have to wait until next Monday, I don’t know. Haha, the adventure!

I had a really good experience in the park last week. Elder Krummenacher and I were companions as they put you with your “main” companion for the last week in the park. We spent a lot of the time having good conversations with people (all in Spanish!), but weren’t really getting anywhere with any of them.

But with the last woman that we talked to, we were sharing about the Book of Mormon, and I felt like I wanted to share a verse from it. I had no clue what, so I opened the Book of Mormon up and immediately turned to Moroni 10:8, which was absolutely perfect given that we were talking about gifts from God right before. I know it’s true that God will give you the words you need in the very second you need it, because that just what happened to me.

Well, I have to make this email short because I don’t have a lot of time. Good luck.

Also, RIP Melvin. That was sad news.

Elder Stark