Settling In


Well, this past week has definitely just been settling into missionary
life and getting used to the daily routine of being in the CCM. So
unfortunately, that means my life here is pretty steady and not a lot
of overly exciting things happen, but the Spanish is definitely coming
along well, and I’m learning how to be a better missionary every day.

Last week, we went on an excursion to The Porte del Sol and Gran Plaza
which are some pretty touristy areas with a lot of shops and cool
palaces and stuff. I went inside of the Apple Store here, that was
pretty exciting. We also went to a police station to get our green
cards approved for Spain, which I guess means that I’m legal to be
here for the next year.

Saturday was another great day proselytizing in the park. My companion
for the day was Elder Utia from Thaiti, who will be serving in France.
He speaks no English and no Spanish, so that meant a majority of the
contacting was left up to me. Even with the language barrier, we were
still able to pass out like 100 pass along cards and even a few copies
of the Books of Mormon. Nothing too miraculous, but still a testament
to me of the truthfulness of the Gospel and how it knows no language
or cultural boundaries. Incredible.

Wish I had more time to write about our progressing investigators in
the CCM and what else I’ve been able to experience, but our time to
communicate with the outside world is so short.

Yo sé que el Libro de Mormon es la parabla de Díos. Yo sé que José
Smith es un profta.

Wish I had more time to figure out a better testimony in Spanish to
seem all cool and whatever, but I know that what I’m doing here is
right and that it is good and I love it.

Elder Stark