I Made It

Despite many headaches while flying, I finally made it to the Madrid MTC. After my flight out of Colorado Springs on Monday returned to the gate due to smoke coming out of it, my trip was rescheduled to the next day. Due to the new flight taking an hour longer than expected to fly into Chicago, I missed my flight and had to change my whole itinerary again. The new flight I was to take out of Chicago to Frankfurt was delayed for about an hour, but I still made it to Frankfurt with plenty of time to catch my flight to Madrid. So, I essentially made it to Madrid 24 hours after I was supposed to. As it turns out, the rest of the missionaries in my district were routed through Denver and got delayed a few hours because of a storm which was enough to make them arrive in the MTC at 2:30 AM this morning. Ouch.

Speaking of my district, I haven´t met any of them yet but apparently there is me and my companion and 8 sisters, and that´s it. I would tell you what my companion´s name is, but
I am way too tired and his last name is way too long. I know that he is from Mesa, Ariz., and I think that we´ll get along fine.
Since coming to the MTC, the MTC President, who´s name I can´t remember right now either, has been showing me around and telling me all sorts of information. I still have no idea what´s going on here haha. I´m tired, but I think that recovering from jet lag won´t be too bad. I just need a good night´s sleep.
So this is my last chance to write any emails until a week from Thursday. Hopefully by then I will be fully settled in, I´m not quite sure what I´ll be up to for this coming week, so I´m sure I´ll have lots to tell you then.
Anyway, I think I´ve ran out of time, but hopefully you can see that I´m here, I´m safe, and most importantly, I´m happy to be here no matter how crazy of a transition this is going to be.
Heavenly Father is always there watching out for you. Especially after these past couple of super stressful days, I know that to be true.
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